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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2004Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Information ManagementChauhan, Suresh Kumar; Murthy, T A V
2-Feb-2006Building a Semantic Web for Academic Networks: A Conceptual ArchitectureSrinivas, K; Ahson, S I; Murthy, T A V
10-Nov-2005Building an Image Repository for Indian Cultural Heritage Materials – A Digital Library ApproachLalitha, P; Murthy, T A V; Khan, M T M; K, Manoj Kumar
Feb-2004CDROM Databases : an Approach for Creation of Personalized DatabasesDube, Sonia; Premchand; Murthy, T A V
2-Feb-2006Developing E-Journals Consortium in India : A New Approach For Resource Sharing in Digital And Network EnvironmentMurthy, T A V; Kumar K., Manoj; Sinha, Manoj Kumar
Nov-2004Electronic Theses and Dissertations for Indian Universities : A FrameworkVijayakumar, J K; Murthy, T A V; Khan, M T M
2-Feb-2005Globalization of Software Applications Using UNICODE Based Multilingual ApproachDube, Sonia; Patel, Yatrik; Murthy, T A V
2-Feb-2006India on The Way To Bridge The Digital Divide: Role of InflibnetChauhan, Suresh K; Murthy, T A V
2-Feb-2005Indian Academia on Copyright and IPR issues of Electronic Theses and DissertationsVijayakumar, J K; Khan, M T M; Murthy, T A V
Feb-2004The Institutional Repositories : An Alternative Model for Scholarly PublishingGaur, Ramesh C; Munshi, Usha Majoo; Murthy, T A V
Nov-2004Institutional Repositories, Open Access Movement and OAI- PMH Complaint SoftwareChand, Prem; Murthy, T A V; Prakash, K; Gohel, Umesh
Nov-2004Institutional Repository of INFLIBNET Centre Using DspaceSatyabati, Thiyam; Hosamani, H G; Murthy, T A V
2-Feb-2005Is the Big Deal Mode of E-Journal Subscription a Right Approach for Indian Consortia ? A Case Study of Elsevier’s ScienceDirect Use at Indian Institute of Technology RoorkeeSingh, Yogendra; Murthy, T A V
Feb-2003Knowledge Management and Resource Discovery using Peer to Peer NetworkMurthy, T A V; Dube, Sonia
Feb-2003Library AutomationMurthy, T A V; Cholin, V S
2-Feb-2005The Needs for Content Management with Special Reference to Manuscripts of ManipurDevi, T Satyabati; Murthy, T A V
2-Feb-2005Potential Role of Subject Gateways, Portals and OPAC’s in Electronic Journals AccessPrakash, K; Murthy, T A V; Cholin, V S
2-Feb-2005Preservation of Digital Cultural Heritage MaterialsLalitha, P; Murthy, T A V
Feb-2002Protecting Digital Intellectual Property: An Indian ScenarioChaubey, O N; Murthy, T A V
Nov-2004Rural India : IT Penetration and knowledge revolution Role of MSSRFSridevi, J; Murthy, T A V; Vyas, Shalini