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dc.contributor.authorMadalli, Devika P-
dc.description.abstractLibraries and library professionals have tried to keep up with technological advances that impact information services. With the increase of resources on the web, librarians are exploring methods of integrating bibliographic resources found when searching or browsing the web. For instance there are currently some tools like citation managers, that librarians can collect some bibliographic data and can integrate it into in-house systems. So far libraries used technology but often those that needed human intervention to interpret. This paper aims discuss various a Semantic Web(SW)technologies that can be exploited for better and efficient management of resources enabling meaning representation so that data can be manipulated ‘with meaning and context’ by agents. SWTs offer a wide range of possible applications to meaningfully managing information resources.A typical ordering scenario is used to demonstrate the deployment of SW techniques.en_US
dc.publisherINFLIBNET Centreen_US
dc.subjectSemantic Web Technologiesen_US
dc.subjectResource Managementen_US
dc.titleRe-defining Resource Management using Semantic Technologiesen_US
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