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Title: Digital Information Seeking Behaviour of Sanskrit Academics
Authors: Chandraiah, I
Madhusudan, P
Reddy, A Bhaskara
Keywords: Information Seeking Behaviour
Digital Information
Issue Date: Feb-2004
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad
Abstract: Information seeking behaviour of the users is the fundamental criteria for design and development of Information Services. The changing information policies and devices necessitate the uses as well as the professionals to learn and adopt new techniques and methodologies to cope up. Faculty in higher education is a potential user segment to the Library. They are expected to be aware of the Library resources and technologies. The digital devices are causing and warranting the users for new strategies and techniques to use information resources effectively. The Sanskrit Academics are expected to be a segment of the users under the pressure of new technologies in the library. This paper attempted to know the awareness of the faculty on the technologies and resources in the library to facilitate to design suitable systems.
ISBN: 81-900825-8-2
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