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Title: Understanding Marketing Approach For Librarys
Authors: Jambhekar, Ashok
Keywords: Marketing Approach
Devising And Delivering The Offer
Issue Date: 15-Feb-1996
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: The need to serve more and diverse functions has often brought pressure upon libraries and librarians to become more efficient to find additional resource. It could be attempted through fund raising or by adopting marketing strategies. It is necessary to understand that the resources qenerated should be used to supplement the existing resources. In the US, there are a number of centres contributing to the study and research. Fund raising is a well developed function in a number of research libraries. It calls for commitment and highly professional skills to make the programme successful. However, instances of fund raising are rare here. The concpet is successful in the US but it may not take off in the developing countries and also may not be sustainable over a period of time. It is an age of competition. and free market economy where enterprise, innovativeness, and creativityare essential elements to forge ahead. The libraries would better take a dispassionate look at their functioning.
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