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Title: University Library Consortia in India - From a Vision to Reality: One will not get a chicken by smashing egg open
Authors: Tadasad, P G
Keywords: Library Consortia
Literature Review
University Library Consortia
Funding and Costing
License Agreements
Electronic Information Resources Development Policy
Issue Date: Feb-2003
Publisher: INFLIBNET Centre
Abstract: Presents a view to stimulate discussion within the Indian library and academic community about adopting a model of library consortia to improve Library and Information Service. Using published literature identifies and discuses factors to be considered for choosing the model. Observes that the very concept of University Library Consortia in India is very fertile one. If hatched i.e. planned and implemented in a proper way can certainly yield fruits. But the success of consortia like other cooperative efforts depends on the proper mix of enthusiasm, innovative thinking, caution and skepticism. As University libraries in India have no or little experience on consortia, these have to go in a humble way. In this connection informal consortia can achieve considerable success provided participating universities effectively act as teams not as individuals to achieve common goals and should not forget “one will not get a chicken by smashing an egg open’.
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