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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Feb- 206E-Information Literacy: An Over ViewNayak, Vijaykumar D; Nayak, Ramesh .R.; Murgod, S G
25-Feb- 209Open Source Content Management Software : A Comparative AnalysisGiri, Kaushal K; Nirgude, Kirti R
20-Apr-1995INFLIBNET News- Letter Vol-1 ,No-1 20 April-1995 (Quarterly Publication)INFLIBNET Centre
1-Jul-1995INFLIBNET News-Letter Vol-1,No.2,July,1995(Quarterly publication)INFLIBNET Center
1-Oct-1995INFLIBNET News-Letter Vol-1,No.3,October,1995(Quarterly publication)INFLIBNET Center
1-Apr-1996INFLIBNET News-Letter Vol-2,No.1-2,April,1996(Quarterly publication)INFLIBNET Center
1-Jul-1996INFLIBNET News-Letter Vol-2,No.3-4,July-Oct,1996(Quarterly publication)INFLIBNET Center
1-Jan-1997INFLIBNET News-Letter Vol-3,No.1,January-March,1997(Quarterly publication)INFLIBNET Center
8-Mar-1997Automation of Academic Libraries in India: Status, Problems and FutureRao, I K Ravichandra
1-Apr-1997INFLIBNET News-Letter Vol-3,No.2-3,April-July,1997(Quarterly publication)INFLIBNET Center
1-Jan-1998INFLIBNET News-Letter Vol-4,No.1,January-March,1998(Quarterly publication)INFLIBNET Center
1-Apr-1998INFLIBNET News-Letter Vol-4,No.2,April-June,1998(Quarterly publication)INFLIBNET Center
1-Jul-1998INFLIBNET News-Letter Vol-4,No.3,July-September,1998(Quarterly publication)INFLIBNET Center
1-Oct-1998INFLIBNET News-Letter Vol-4,No.4,October-December,1998(Quarterly publication)INFLIBNET Center
1-Jan-1999INFLIBNET News-Letter Vol-5,No.1,January-March,1999(Quarterly publication)INFLIBNET Center
20-Feb-1999Internet as an Opportunity for LibrariesJambhekar, Ashok; Pandit, S Paul
20-Feb-1999Managing Change in the Academic Libraries in the Context of Information TechnologyPradeep, C; Ganesan, P; Reddy, E Rama
20-Feb-1999Internet as Emerging Technology for information Generation and its influences on Academic librariesRao, k Tata; Ramaiah, L S; Raju, P Soma
20-Feb-1999Web Information Services at lIT, KharagpurJeevan, V K J; Majumdar, Kamalendu
20-Feb-1999Necessity of Internet to University Library and Information Services in North East (ne) RegionPathak, Nityananda